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bibi lucille

Bibi lucille

Actress, writer


about me


Bibi Lucille is an award-winning actress, having won the Starnow award for Rising Star and the Women of the Future award. A few career highlights include lead roles in, 'This was a Man' (Leicester Square Theatre), 'Trust' (Amazon Prime), 'Purgatory' (PopstarTV) and 'I am Sophie' (Winner of BAFTA and Oscar qualifying Flickers' RIIFF). Bibi was nominated for Pastel Film Festival's Best Actress in 2019 with the film 'All Inclusive' and is currently performing her own Offie-nominated, one-woman show 'Meat Cute' (Chiswick Playhouse, Hen and Chicken's Theatre, Bread and Roses Theatre).

latest works

film work


Amazon prime

Trust II

by cush berlyn



by Michael Caissie

arg web-series

i am sophie

by tom ransom

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december 2021




'Lucille is an absolute joy to watch, and handles the pressures of carrying the whole show on her shoulders with exquisite grace, fantastic comedy timing, and with a personability and charm that makes you warm to the character from the moment she comes drunkenly dancing on to the stage.'

James edge

25 June 2021