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bibi lucille

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december 10, 2021

An amnesiac suspects that the friends trying to help her recall her memories are hiding the truth about her near fatal accident.

Premiering at the Shockfest film festival.

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  • 2022

    Trust III

    Fate plays its part in an unforgiving ultimatum as criminal mastermind and father-to-be must escape the fatal position his girlfriend has put him in with a ruthless drug lord.

  • 2022

    into the black abyss: deathstream

    Deathstream follows Zach a 28 Year old online Gamer who makes a living streaming his game play videos online. One night during a live stream a group of masked individuals break into his home.

  • 2022

    House hunting

    Jonny and Ellen, two recent university graduates, are in search of wealth and comfort. Their strategy: to infiltrate the house of someone far richer than them.